Who we are

The Santander Chair of University Entrepreneurship is a joint initiative between the Universitat de Lleida (UdL) and the Banco Santander which purpose is to promote talent and entrepreneurial culture in the university community.


The general objectives of the Chair are:

  • Make the UdL an entrepreneurial university to become a benchmark in field of entrepreneurship and business creation.
  • Make available to the UdL students the knowledge, tools and resources needed to facilitate the process of creating their business projects.
  • Contribute to the UdL responsibility in the economic territory development.
  • Promote jobs and companies creation with growth potential.
  • Participate in relationships networks around entrepreneurship and start contacts with other entrepreneurial entities and universities with the aim of applying at the UdL the most innovative initiatives in this area.
  • Encourage research related to entrepreneurship and business creation.


To achieve these objectives, we work together with the rest of the university units, as well as with territorial entities to promote entrepreneurship, in order to the UdL becomes an entrepreneurial university that gets involved in the economic development of the territory.


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